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Electronic Components

Fine Particle Barium Titanate

By improving dispersion, synthesis, and analysis technologies, we have realized mass production of barium titanate which features fine particles and high crystallinity.
Based on our technic, it is available to become higher thin and multilayer on MLCC , contributing to the realization higher capacity with smaller compactness.
Covering range from automotive to industrial or consumer electric equipment, they have been using for various products in customers.

Powder characteristics

Material name Molar ratio Impurity (wt%) Purity (%) Usage examples
Barium Titanate Ba/Ti
>99.8 Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors
(High dielectric constant)

Particle variation

  • Particle size:400nm
    Particle size:400nm
  • Particle size:300nm
    Particle size:300nm
  • Particle size:200nm
    Particle size:200nm
  • Particle size:150nm
    Particle size:150nm
  • Particle size:100nm
    Particle size:100nm
  • Particle size:50nm
    Particle size:50nm

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