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Obtained ISO 14001 - Certification of quality management system (registration screening)

Our head office and head manufacturing site obtained certification of ISO 14001, an international standard for a environmental management system for the first time in July 2001, and have expanded the certification to both the affiliated company, KYORIX Mie Co., Ltd., since June 2008, and to the KZ manufacturing site since June 2010.
We have made efforts for environmental improvements in compliance with the standards of ISO since December 2000, and will strive more than ever to reduce environmental load, namely resource and energy saving and waste reduction, and the prevention of water pollution from here onwards.

Applicable Standards JIS Q 14001 : 2015 / ISO 14001 : 2015

Registered Location
KCM Corporation
Head Office, Nagoya manufacturing site, and KX manufacturing site.
Affiliated Company: KYORIX Mie Co., Ltd. Mie Factory
Scope of Registration Sales and manufacturing of electronic components, ceramic raw materials, and zirconia-based materials, and sales of pottery materials, high-function glass materials, firebrick raw materials, and intermetallic compounds.
Registration Number JSAE393
Date registered July 30, 2001
Certification Body The General Incorporated Foundation    Japanese Standards Association